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X-Ray- For Broken Bones and Other Injuries

X-Rays in El Paso

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The Need for X-Ray

Many people—at some point in their life or another— will require an X-Ray to evaluate damage, trauma, or health of bones, joints, or spine. This type of exam is also used to spot other ailments such as pneumonia or breast cancer. A doctor may order X-Rays to examine an area that is causing you pain or discomfort, monitor the progression of a previously diagnosed disease, and/or check on the progress of ongoing treatments.

X-Rays consist of a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves that uses the body’s response to radiation to create an internal picture. Different tissues inside the body absorb the radiation differently and this creates the different shades visible in an X-Ray. The calcium in bones absorb the most radiation and therefore appear the whitest and clearest in the picture.

Our Facilities

New Light Primary Care is equipped with modern and top-of-the-line equipment that provides the safest and most accurate testing. Our eastside clinic is fully equipped to provide in-house X-Rays to patients to avoid the need for external laboratory referrals.

Precautions To Keep in Mind Before X-Rays

Although this type of radiation can be routine and common, it is still a powerful form of radiation that can be harmful without the proper precautions. In our day to day lives we are often exposed to levels of radiation without being particularly aware of it— such as when we board a plane, but having these precautions is necessary and a good idea.

X-Rays are relatively common and easy procedures; they might vary slightly depending on the area of the body being examined and the purpose of the examination. It might require you to wear loose clothing or change into a hospital gown. Removing piercings, jewelry or other metallic items is important, so as not to cause obstructions in the imaging that might alter or obscure the results. Other types of X-Rays may require you ingesting a type of dye to highlight certain areas—such as your gastrointestinal tract—for better visibility and clear results. Because of the radiation levels, X-Rays are not recommended for pregnant women, as it might cause damage to the unborn child. Always notify your doctor if you think you might be pregnant before taking an X-Ray.

Getting Your Results

Depending on the nature and purpose of your X-Rays, New Light Primary Care physicians will view and assess your results and decide the best course of action during a consultation with you. If you need specialized care, we may refer you to a specialized medical provider —like an orthopedic surgeon or specialist— that can further assist you in addressing a more acute problem. For minor bone breaks, trauma, or routine exams our doctors may recommend a course of action or treatment under the supervision of our own doctors and nurses.

New Light Accepts most Payment Options

Our primary care clinic accepts most types of medical payment options including Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and cash payments.

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