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A Leading Family Medicine Clinic in the Borderland

New Light is a local Family medicine clinic that diagnoses, sees, and treats a vast spectrum of medical conditions for people 18 and over. Family Medicine usually refers to a primary care physician who deals with adults.

Our clinic focus and training is in learning how to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that affect adults. We put a lot of emphasis in preventive care and the promotion of overall wellness.

New Light Compassionate Care

Family medicine is usually concerned with the family as a unit. It was part of the general practitioner movement that has a deep focus in the doctor-patient relationship. While we focus on adults, New Light derives its practice and philosophy from the preventive approach, as we highly value compassion and understanding as a vital tenet of good healthcare. We hold the relationship between doctor and patient in the highest regard. A patient’s ability to communicate and trust their doctor paves the way for successful and effective medical care. We believe that building these relationships is why primary care is so important and why we are at the frontlines of the healthcare system.

Highly Trained to Diagnose & Treat Most Medical Conditions

As physicians trained in family medicine we have a broad knowledge of medicine. Our training covers a wide breadth of conditions, which allows for accurate diagnosis and treatment. We deal with an infinite number of conditions on a daily basis. Some of the most common things we treat include diabetes, hypertension, respiratory illnesses, obesity, and more.

Preemptive Care & Urgent Care

Seeing your doctor on a regular basis is an important preemptive measure and can very well prevent medical conditions or issues from developing or worsening. This is why we recommend making a yearly appointment with your primary care doctor that might include routine exams and check-ups. New Light understands however, that health problems often arise without warning and so we offer some urgent care treatment as well. We can treat a range of minor emergencies on a walk-in basis from sprains, minor wounds, infections, insect bites, and more.

Most Insurances Accepted

We want to make sure you get the care you need. This is why we accept most forms of insurance including Medicaid, Medicare, and most private insurances. New Light also offers some special pricing for cash paying patients.

Contact Us Today

Our doors are always open to new and returning patients. Call us or come by our regular office hours to get more information on our services, what we treat, and how we can help you get back to health. From yearly physicals to urgent treatment for minor infections, sprains, we are here to help. Call us at 915-772-5400.

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