New Light Conducts Adult Physicals To Keep You Healthy

The Importance of Adult Physicals

A routine physical exam—often referred to as a physical— is a test your primary care physician performs to evaluate your overall health. These tests are recommended at least once a year. They may also be used for workplace requirements or before undergoing a surgical procedure or medical treatment.

Physicals are a large part of preventive medicine, as they often catch abnormal results or prevent problems from metastasizing into bigger issues in the future. They are useful in detecting irregular levels and therefore making it easier for your primary care provider to address any potential issues, environmental factors, dietary concerns, or other variables that might be affecting your health.

Physicals are nothing to worry about. They are straightforward and pain free. This type of examination involves the doctor checking various primary points of your health. The doctor will listen to your heart, lungs, and intestines using a stethoscope for abnormal rhythm or sounds. Your pulse will also be checked in order to determine whether it is too fast or slow and whether this has any correlation to any other lifestyle changes.

A physical is also a great time for questions. If you have concerns or doubts about your health, this is the perfect time to engage your primary health physician—who is likely familiar with your medical history—in a conversation about concerns or changes you may have. These types of conversations can not only teach you more about your health and how to better care for yourself, but become an important opportunity to improve communication with your primary care physician. Having good communication with your doctor is an important aspect in maintaining a proactive approach to your healthcare.

In part, physicals usually check:

  • Certain diseases
  • Immunizations
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Any pain you may be experiencing
  • Irregularities

Most Major Insurances Accepted

New Light Primary Care accepts most forms of insurance including Medicaid, Medicare, and all forms of private insurance. We also accept cash payments.

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