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Primary Care Physician — Meet the New Light Primary Care Doctors

Our team is composed of people who hold an unrelenting passion to care for others. From our front desk staff to our primary care physicians, caring for patients is what drives us to continually serve our community. Most of our medical providers have a deep history and connection to the El Paso area. This gives us an even larger sense of responsibility to give back to the place that has given us so much!

The importance of a primary care physician cannot be overlooked. A person’s initial encounter with the health care system is typically through a primary care clinic. This gives us the opportunity to assist in preventing medical complications, which can grow into more serious health issues. Our trusted doctors and nurse practitioners are here to help you.

The New Light Primary Care Promise

All of our medical providers and staff are under the supervision of Dr. Manqueros-Butler. Our staff includes highly-trained and specialized physicians and nurse practitioners who are all dedicated to serving the community with the highest standards. All of our doctors and staff members work hard to meet the needs of patients.

Make An Appointment Today

To schedule an appointment, please call our clinic at (915) 772-5400 or visit us in person. We accept same-day appointments as well as walk-ins for more urgent care needs.

Primary Care Family Clinic You Can Trust